Sara El Samman

Lebanese landscape architect, agricultural engineer and multi-disciplinary artist based in Paris. Her work focuses on developing soundscape oriented approaches to city design and on raising awareness on the importance of the acoustic dimension when working on urban landscape projects.

After obtaining her bachelor degrees in landscape architecture and agricultural engineering from AUB (American University of Beirut), Sara obtained her masters degree in landscape design at ESAJ (Ecole de la transition écologique). During her studies, she developed the notion of the sonic/white infrastructure that allows for sound to be used as a tool for designing cities.

In addition to her research and projects in landscape architecture, Sara’s artwork explores the relationship between the visual and the non-visible, through different media, digital and traditional.
She is currently working as a landscape architect at AXP Urbicus, an urban design studio in Versailles, while pursuing in parallel her research in acoustic design and her artistic career as an illustrator and sound artist.

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